Fast and comprehensive monitoring of the Arabic print media.

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Jihad Monitor (JM) is a research and monitoring service covering password-protected jihadist web forum content. The sites monitored by JM serve as primary distribution hubs for al-Qaeda, its regional franchises, and affiliated groups, in addition to serving as an online meeting place for the jihadist community to exchange ideas and discuss various issues. Click here to find out more.


All translations of headlines and articles are accompanied by the full Arabic text of the article or page, including any pictures and/or graphics. You will also receive the most up-to-date data on the source, as well as page number, date of publication and writer’s name. The product is delivered to you electronically at a time and frequency determined by you.


Coverage content is determined by YOU, the client, and can range from tracking specific items, to broader commercial or security related topics on a daily basis, or otherwise. Coverage can be amended at any time to suit your changing requirements. Snapshot guarantees you only receive news and information that you want to see. You will not receive reams of irrelevant information generated by search engines.